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In light of recent events, the Dalton State Counseling Center would like to reaffirm that we strive to be welcoming, affirming, and safe for ALL of our students. No matter where you are from, who you worship, or who you love - if you need to talk, we are here for you.

The Counseling Center exists to holistically support the individual student and the campus community. The Counseling Center is committed to promote intellectual, emotional, occupational, social, cultural, moral, and professional growth and development. Central to our mission and daily practice is a commitment to confidentiality, upholding ethical behavior, and providing counseling based on current research and proven standards. We also hold a strong commitment to social justice through creating awareness and action in our campus community and beyond.

The Counseling Center seeks to implement this mission by assisting students in their educational pursuits by providing a wide range of counseling services. The services are broadly categorized as: 

  • Individual and Group Counseling
  • Outreach Programming
  • Consultation 

Individual & Group Counseling

Services are provided in order to enable students to overcome difficulties, which interfere with learning or interpersonal behavior and development.  Counseling often addresses the immediate difficulty, and working on developing a process that enables students to acquire a healthier way of coping with stress and/or problems.

Outreach Programming

Outreach programming focuses on wellness and the developmental needs of students in order to maximize the potential of all students and to help them reap the most benefit from their academic experience. Focus may also be on raising awareness and promoting action for social justice issues. There may be presentations, workshops, services as requested by classroom instructors, student organizations, and other groups.  Issues addressed may include self-understanding, healthy relationships, suicide prevention, etc.

Consultation with the College Community

The Counseling Center Staff, as applied behavioral scientists, work with students, faculty, and staff in order to make the environment as beneficial as possible to the intellectual, emotional, social, moral, and physical development of all students and to help them become more informed and able to solve problems of concern to them. 

Health Professions 266 (Inside Health Center)
(p) 706-272-4430
(f) 706-272-2162

Dial 911, proceed to the nearest emergency room, or call Public Safety at 706-272-4461 if on campus.