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Student Government Association

Student Government Association

The Student Government Association, typically referred to as the SGA, is made up of diverse student representation from the student body and two faculty representatives who are appointed annually. The Student Government Association is here to serve the students of Roadrunner Nation.


2020-2021 Cabinet Members

Mariela Vazquez – President   
Haley Gomez – Vice President  
Savannah Upton – Secretary  

Bryant Hughlyn – Senator, School of Education  
Eluvia Saucedo – Senator, Health Professions
Courtney Manzano – Senator, Wright School of Business
Mackenzie Manley – Senator of Sciences, School of Arts and Sciences
Logan Huggins – Senator, Student Life
Grace Neff – Senator, Student Support Services
Logan Pence – Senator, Health and Wellness
Kristina Almazan – Senator at Large
Jose Arredondo – Senator at Large  

Forrest Blackbourn – Faculty Representative
James Adams – Faculty Representative
Jason Baynes – Staff Representative
Brynn Munro – Staff Representative  


*2019-2020 Cabinet pictured above. 

Student Fees

SGA Funding Policies

SGA Funding Allocation for FY21

Budget and Fee Committee Meeting Minutes

  1. Student Life Fees must be used in accordance with State, University System, and Dalton State policies.
  2. The function of the organization and/or department should be in accordance with the mission of Dalton State.
  3. The organization and/or department must provide programs or services that benefit the student body.
  4. Applicants should demonstrate campus/community involvement.
  5. Student organizations requesting funding must be registered with the Office of Student Life prior to their request.
  6. Student Life Fees must be used by organizations and/or departments to provide recreational, entertaining and/or culturally enriching programs or services which do not solely support academic programs.
  7. Student Life Fees may not fund scholarships, gifts, fundraising, or political parties.
  8. Organizations and/or departments may request a one-time allocation to be used for the sole purpose of purchasing items that would not be a part of on-going operations. These funds may not be used for anything other than what is approved. A Request for Funding Form must be submitted in a timely manner to access these funds. Funding is dependent upon availability of funds. Not all requests for money may be approved.
  9. The Student Life Budget and Fee Committee recommendations will be based on the following criteria:
    1. Attendance verification and participation at mandatory SGA meetings.
    2. Quality and completeness of the written proposal.
    3. How the fees will serve Dalton State students — In general, programs which serve larger numbers of students will receive stronger consideration than those which serve smaller numbers of students. Programs or activities which serve smaller numbers of students should provide exceptional advantages to the College; it is the responsibility of the proposer to make the case for why they should receive consideration.
    4. For organizations and/or departments who received Student Life Fees for the current year, the Budget Committee will look at how effectively the fees were spent to serve Dalton State students.
      1. How many students were served by programs and activities?
      2. What were the benefits of the programs and activities to students?
      3. How knowledgeable is the presenter about how funds were used?
      4. Were the funds used as they were approved by last year’s Student Life Budget and Fee Committee?

**More information on your tuition and student fees can be found here.

Documents & Forms


The SGA Constitution is a governing document explaining all of SGA's process and procedures. This document was last reviewed and revised in February 2020. You may review the document, here

Elected official expectations

SGA elected officials are expected to review, sign, and follow all expectations outlined, here.


Access the most frequently used forms for campus groups, here

Meeting Minutes

Below is an archive of all SGA meetings starting in Fall of 2012. SGA meets once per month August through April. 



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