Name: Avery Hamilton

Age: 23

Hometown: Florence, Alabama

High school: Coahulla Creek High School

Major: Communication (Focus in Social Media)

Expected graduation date: December 2019

Why did you choose Dalton State? I chose Dalton State because of the family-like atmosphere, small campus, and the appeal of knowing that I was going to a school that cared deeply about their students and wanted to see them succeed. I chose DSC over six other schools, some of which are much larger.  

What does it mean to you to be part of the Roadrunner Nation? I get to be part of a college where I look forward to attending daily and seeing everyone. It’s like my adopted family I never knew I had.

Who is/was your favorite professor and why? I love every professor in the Communication Department because they all have their own set of skills, but my favorite is Professor Drye, AKA “Uncle Jerry.” I had heard many urban legends about him, had seem him walking around the halls of Dalton State and had always wanted to take his class. When I finally enrolled in Organizational Communication, I found myself engaged, enlightened, entertained and educated. I have since loved taking him further, not to mention his partnership with Dr. Kinkead, which is DSC’s equivalent to Abbott and Costello or Laurel and Hardy.  

What are some of your biggest achievements or accomplishments at Dalton State? I take pride in knowing that I made the Dean’s List for academic excellence, even through difficult circumstances outside of school. I had the wherewithal to persevere and get it done.

What are some of your favorite activities in and around Dalton? I love to go places like Dalton Falls Mini Golf, The Oakwood Café and walking around in the many parks we have in town.

Where is your favorite study spot? Roberts Library. It’s quiet, tranquil and a good place to focus.  

What is your best memory so far as part of the Roadrunner Nation? I have a lot, but I have to say my favorite is being a member of the school when we won our first national championship in basketball. I was only a freshman, but I was filled with so much excitement, and we were on ESPN.

What’s on your iPad? Lots of music and food apps. I love jamming out and eating out.

Favorite comfort food? Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich. It’s the “Lord’s chicken,” and I feel comforted knowing the Lord has blessed my day with his chicken.

If you had a theme song, what would it be? “Don’t Dream It’s Over” by Crowded House. The song talks about overcoming your obstacles to get to your goals. It has a very positive message and a great sound.

What is your guilty pleasure? Chocolate covered pretzels

What do you feel most proud of? My first thought was making it to graduation, but my real answer is knowing that I have been able to leave a positive impact on people.

If you won the lottery, what would you do? I would establish an auditorium for my alma mater, Coahulla Creek High School, and donate the money for its construction. I’d name it after the late drama director, Courtney King. Plus, I’d also construct houses for both myself and my family, as well as get a new car for both myself and my family.

What is a skill you’d like to learn and why? I’d love to play an instrument, like guitar or piano.

What cheers you up? Music. Music to me has healing qualities. Specifically, any happy sounding song.

Where is your favorite place to eat? I love Chili’s. The vibe is awesome, the food is awesome and the Dundies were “held” there (on the TV show, The Office).

What did you want to be when you were a kid? I wanted to be a meteorologist. I love the way weather works and how one day it can be sunny, the next, rainy. It’s fascinating.

As a Roadrunner, what does it mean to Run Boldly? To Run Boldly means to not let anyone stand between your dreams and your desires. Running boldly empowers you to break through the barriers that hold you back and lets you see that you can make the world a better place, regardless of who you are or where you come from.