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The mission of the Department of Communication, Performing Arts, and Foreign Language is to provide the students of Dalton State College with a strong foundation on which their educations can be built and to allow students with specific interests to attain credentials in those interests. Included in the department are classes in communication, foreign language, music, theatre, art, and film. The degrees offered will prepare students for numerous endeavors after graduation, including employment in the business sector, nonprofit organizations, the mass media or the film industry, or for continuing their education in graduate school.

Members of the faculty are scholars and content experts with dozens of combined years of industry, performance, scholarship, and teaching experience. They are committed to serving as guides for students undertaking their respective journeys through academia and to providing those students with instruction in diverse aspects of communication, language, and performing arts study. These aspects include public speaking, listening, and interpersonal communication skills; critical thinking, teamwork, problem-solving, and research skills; an appreciation of the visual, musical, and theatrical arts; and an understanding of the effects of mediated and digital communication.

The Department of Communication, Performing Arts, and Foreign Language houses bachelor of arts programs in communication and interdisciplinary studies and associate of arts degrees in general studies with a pathway in film and a pathway in theatre.