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Georgia Film Academy

Photo of student at Georgia Film AcademyDalton State College’s Department of Communication has a unique partnership with the Georgia Film Academy (GFA)—one that allows you to learn at state-of-the-art facilities in the metro Atlanta area while earning a two- or four-year degree.

This is an exciting time for the film and TV industry in Georgia. Our climate, beautiful and varied settings, airport connections to major cities, and tax incentives have put Georgia in third place behind Canada and California as locations with the most film and TV production in North America, and fifth place internationally.

Since 2017, dozens of Dalton State students who want to pursue a career in the film industry are earning an 18-hour certification from the GFA while still enrolled as Dalton State students. These 18 hours will apply to the B.A. in Communication or Associate of Arts in General Studies, Film Pathway.

About Georgia Film Academy

A collaboration of the University System of Georgia and the Technical College System of Georgia, the GFA was created to meet education and workforce needs for high demand careers in Georgia’s film and creative industries. The GFA higher education program offers rigorous professional training that may lead to union-covered film and television production craft internships and placement in creative industries apprenticeships and jobs.

The GFA is a unique-in-the-nation, state-wide effort that provides you with:

  • Multi-disciplinary training by professionals in the film, TV and new media industries.
  • In classroom course work coupled with on-set, hands-on training.
  • Hands-on instruction and training working with a package of professional equipment (cameras, sound gear, lights, etc.) as well as production trucks, generators and sound studio space.
  • Opportunity to work on “real world” projects in order to develop recognized film credits, through partnerships with professional productions.
  • One-on-one job counseling to include resume preparation, job research and job placement outreach.
Courses offered at Georgia Film Academy

You can start your GFA classes in your sophomore year. You will travel to the Atlanta facilities of the GFA one day a week for each semester-long class. The courses offered by the Georgia Film Academy are:

GFAC 1000: GFA Course 1: Introduction to On-Set Film Production (6 hours) (first required course for all GFA students)

GFAC 2010: GFA Specialty Craft Course – Set Construction & Scenic Painting (6 hours)

GFA 2020: GFA Specialty Craft Course – Lighting & Electric (6 hours)

GFA 2030: GFA Specialty Craft Course – Grip & Rigging (6 hours)

GFA 2040: GFA Specialty Craft Course – Fundamentals of Editing with Avid Media Composer 100 (6 hours)

GFA 2050: GFA Specialty Craft Course – Special Effects Make-up (6 hours)

GFAC 2000: GFA Film & Television Production Internship Course (6 hours)

GFA 3060: Production Accounting and Office Management (6 hours)

GFA 3140: Introduction to Sound Design with Avid ProTools 100 (6 hours)

GFA 4040: Advanced Editing with Avid Media Composer 200 (6 hours)

The GFA semester schedule follows the eCore Common Academic Calendar. You will also be able to take other classes on campus or online during your GFA semesters.

To enroll in these classes or get more information, contact Dr. Barbara Tucker at 706-272-4411 or

For questions or more information about the Georgia Film Academy, please contact Academics Coordinator Carla Frazier Bah at

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