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Application Requirements For Admission (Upper Division)

General Information:

To apply to the BSW program, you must first be admitted to Dalton State College. For information about applying for admission to Dalton State, please click here.

Admission to the BSW program is selective. Each applicant’s qualifications, including his or her GPA, social service experience, recommendations, and essay, will be reviewed when considering the applicant for admission to the Dalton State BSW program.

Regular admission may be awarded upon successful completion of all lower division requirements. Provisional admission may be awarded for one semester to students who are enrolled in the final required courses of the BSW lower division.

The following requirements must be met for regular admission to the BSW upper division:

  • Completion of BSW lower division requirements at DSC or the equivalent at another institution
  • A grade of C or higher in all social work courses
  • GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • Documentation of 50 hours (minimum) of social service experience

Prior to admission to the BSW upper division, all applicants must demonstrate exposure to real life social services consistent with a career in social work. Such exposure will help the applicant determine whether he or she is suited for a career as a professional social worker. The applicant must furnish documentation of social service experience as part of the application to the BSW upper division. Social service work experience of at least 50 clock hours may be obtained by working in either a paid or volunteer capacity at a state-funded or private social service agency such as the Department of Family and Children’s Services, a mental health center, court services, or a health care organization. Duties at the social service agency must involve working directly with clients, clerical work, teaching, and mentoring cannot be counted. In most cases, working with the youth group of a religious organization and summer mission trips cannot be counted as social service volunteer experience.

Documentation of the experience should be in the form of a letter that states the dates of your experience, the number of hours that you worked, your duties, the name of the agency where you worked, and the name of your supervisor. The letter should be printed on agency letterhead, signed by your supervisor or the agency administrator, and mailed to: BSW Program Admissions, Department of Social Work, Dalton State College, 650 College Dr., Dalton, GA 30720.

To apply for admission to Dalton State's BSW Upper Division an applicant must submit three letters of reference attesting to the his or her suitability for the social work profession, including:

  • One from a non-relative who knows the student well
  • One from a former college instructor (form provided by social work department)
  • One from a social service professional. (The letter written by the individual who supervises and documents the 50 hour volunteer experience can serve as this letter of reference.)
  • A statement of interest explaining the student’s reasons for choosing a career in social work (300-500 words).

Preparing to complete the application:

You should gather the material that you need for completing the application before you begin. You will need the following:

  • Basic information about yourself:
  • Information about other colleges you have attended and any degrees earned;
  • Information about your experience with social service organizations;
  • A list of people who will complete your reference letter, including their names, telephone numbers, mailing addresses, and e-mail addresses.
  • A statement (maximum of 500 words) that describes your interest in pursuing the BSW, your work and volunteer experience, and any other relevant information that you would like to include in your application.