Beginning Freshman

Definition: Student who has earned a high school diploma from an accredited school or who has passed the GED within the past five years and has never attended another college or university.

Application Process:

A freshman applicant must submit the following items in order to be considered for admission:

  • Application for Admission
  • $30 Non-Refundable Application Fee
  • Official High School Transcript
  • ACT and/or SAT Scores
  • Certificate of Immunization
  • Verification of Lawful Presence (students seeking in-state tuition)

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A freshman application must meet ALL of the listed admission requirements:

Minimum SAT or ACT requirements
About the redesigned SAT:
Dalton State will accept the redesigned SAT beginning summer 2016. Redesigned scores will be converted to old scores for admission evaluation purposes. The two-digit Reading test score will be used to create a Critical Reading score and the Math section score will be used to create a Math score. Concordance information can be found via College Board.

SAT = Critical Reading 19, Math 360, 
ACT = English 14, Math 12

Minimum Freshman Index requirement

Freshman Index = 1830
SAT : Freshman Index = (Academic High School GPA x 500) + SAT Verbal/Critical Reading + SAT Math
ACT: Freshman Index = (Academic High School GPA x 500) + (ACT Composite x 42) + 88

Learning Support requirements

Applicants must score above learning support requirement scores in at least ONE area

Reading = 80
English/Writing = 70
Math = 37

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